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PDN Photoplus International Conference + Expo

Conference: Oct. 25 - Oct. 28, 2017
Expo: Oct. 26 - Oct. 28, 2017
Javits Convention Center, New York City

Business + Marketing

Photography Business Workshops

Grow your Business with PDN’s Professional Photographer Business Seminars

The PDN PhotoPlus International Conference and Expo is an annual photography event for professionals, students, educators and advanced amateurs interested in the photography and digital imaging industries such as commercial, editorial, wedding, portrait and art photography, among others. The PhotoPlus photography conference includes photography courses, seminars, lectures and workshops taught by some of the world’s finest photography instructors and artists on subjects such as lighting and posing, wedding photography, business and marketing, social media, software and workflow, and video and multimedia.

Enrolling in a photography business seminar or workshop may be one of the best investments you can make in yourself if you are a studio owner or manager. PhotoPlus Expo often provides relevant courses to help business owners learn to grow and differentiate their brand in a very competitive market. Business and research are conducted today 24/7 especially online, which is why it’s vital to understand how to position and promote your photography business. This is vital, especially if your expertise extends across multiple genres and markets such as photojournalism and wedding photography, or any other combination. Besides promoting yourself, it is critical to understand other key business aspects of the digital imaging industry such as copyright and licensing, legal rights and protection, learning how to bid competitively and successfully, or finding representation and outlets for selling your photographs.

Recent business photography seminars included topics such as Organic Self Promotion for Photographers, Using Social Media Strategically for Your Business and Streamline Your Business and Maximize Your Life. Distinguished instructors included Lisa Lefkowitz, Me Ra Koh and Tamara Lackey among many others who provide practical tools and concepts to help create and define a brand that supports an artistic vision. In addition, some topics that may be addressed in a photography business seminar include extending marketing messages across media such as websites, public relations, social media, and word-of-mouth. Before choosing a photography business workshop, it’s important to define your goals; think about why you want to attend and what you’d like to learn, and make sure the workshop matches your interests and skill level and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

The PhotoPlus conference is typically structured for anyone to purchase a pass that’s most suitable for their educational needs, available time or budget. The PhotoPlus Conference and Expo is held each October at the Javits Convention Center in New York City and regularly attracts over 250 exhibitors and nearly 24,000 attendees.