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PDN Photoplus International Conference + Expo

Conference: Oct. 21 - Oct. 24, 2015
Expo: Oct. 22 - Oct. 24, 2015
Javits Convention Center, New York City

Keynote Speakers

Keynote Presentations

A Day Without News, Martin Parr and Ben Folds will be keynote speakers at the 2014 PhotoPlus Conference + Expo.

Keynote Speakers: A Day Without News
David Friend, Lynsey Addario, Santiago Lyon, Ron Haviv, Antonio Bolfo

A Day Without News panel discussion
Thursday, October 30
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

In the past 20 years, more than 1,000 journalists have lost their lives in conflict zones and these numbers are escalating with worrying frequency. Once considered neutral observers, journalists are now being targeted, kidnapped, held for ransom and killed. In 2013, A Day Without News launched a campaign following the deaths of our friends and colleagues, the legendary correspondent Marie Colvin and photographer Remi Ochlick.

This presentation asks the question, will there soon be a day when it is just too dangerous, and the risks are too great, for journalists to work in global conflict zones? When that day arrives, the bad guys will have certainly won. Join David Friend Vanity Fair's Editor of Creative Development, Santiago Lyon Director of Photography at AP, and photojournalists Lynsey Addario, Ron Haviv, and Antonio Bolfo for first hand insights about how the increase in targeting journalists affects each panelist, their colleagues and the changing role of journalists overall. This is a rare opportunity to increase your awareness about these issues and learn how you can help bring about changes for stronger legislation and increased security for these vital witnesses to our turbulent times.

Keynote Speaker: Martin Parr
Martin Parr

Friday, October 31
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

British documentarian and avid street photographer, Martin Parr, has been described as a chronicler of our age. His projects offer a penetrating and satirical vision of the world we live in and how we present ourselves, from what we value most to the food we eat. Working in a signature style of high-saturation color at close range, often using macro lenses and ring flash, Parr enables us to see the familiar in a completely new way. In his PDN PhotoPlus keynote, Parr will share and discuss images from his long career as a photographer, as well as his more recent work as an editor, curator, and passionate chronicler of photo books.

Keynote: Ben Folds Five
Ben Folds

Saturday, November 1
12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter/producer, Ben Folds, first found success with the Ben Folds Five and has gone on to have a successful solo career, writing, recording, and performing pop hits, as well as a recent new concerto for piano and orchestra. In addition to his self-described love of making music “for humans,” Folds is also an avid photographer.

“I tend to photograph things on the upbeat rather than the downbeat," he says. "In that way, it's possible that my music captures notes and my photographs capture the rest. Images always speak for themselves.”

Folds owns Nashville’s historic RCA Studio A, where legends of all music genres still record. As a member of Americans For The Arts, he is also an advocate for music education and music therapy. During his keynote session, Folds will share his love of photography and discuss it's central place at the core of his overall creative being.