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PDN Photoplus International Conference + Expo

Conference: Oct. 25 - Oct. 28, 2017
Expo: Oct. 26 - Oct. 28, 2017
Javits Convention Center, New York City

The University

Attend The University at PhotoPlus Expo

The University

Oct. 29

New York City/Javits Convention Center

Hosted by Tony Gale, The University is a comprehensive, hands-on style series of classes in shooting bays, each ideal for the emerging photographer, budding photo assistants and students. You’ll learn from working professional photographers including Jen Rozenbaum, Peter Hurley, Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman how to strengthen your shooting and posing techniques, as well as how to manage everything from speed lights, studio strobes, continuous and mixed/natural lighting. Choose to attend the sessions that best fit your needs for a customized learning experience that you won’t find anywhere else. Each session is 45 minutes and you’ll rotate though the speakers’ classes that you choose. Sponsored by: B&H Photo, Mac Group, & Sigma

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Jen Rozenbaum

Jen Rozenbaum will cover her unique eight points of posing, as well as discuss invaluable communication tips to make posing quicker and easier.

Lindsay Adler

Lindsay Adler will focus on how to create endless possibilities in studio lighting with a simple three light setup.

Peter Hurley

Want to know about how to capture a great headshot? Peter Hurley is the world’s premiere headshot photographer in the world. He be demonstrating everything from his signature lighting setup to ways to capture your clients’ personalities.

Lou Freeman

Lou Freeman, one of the industry’s lighting masters, will show you how to shoot, frame, light and style using her signature, easy to learn techniques. You’ll leave with a well-rounded knowledge on what gear to use, great lighting setups and how to achieve them all on a shoe-string budget.

How Do I Register?

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The University